14 December, 2012

FML - Fuck My Life

I am a strange creature with two opposing minds in one body.
Two distinct life forces in me keep trying to controls my life; and I keeps allowing it.
Just when I think I've got my act together, things fall apart; and once again I am doing things I really don't want to do.

10 December, 2012

Soul Therapy

It's been months since I have a tête-à-tête with my father. Knowingly that I sees him every other day in my daily life, I forget to count my blessings for having this living wise men in my life. It takes a cuppa with Baba to wake me up from the invisible line of quiet conversations with him. The gushed of cliché questions from him has made me realized how we squander the fun of bonding sessions together. For instance, that precious moment when he asked me " How things going? " and my answer would be " Nothing much...".

17 November, 2012

Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien

I was smoking all alone at one corner. I looked around. All I sees was familiar faces I grew up with. The young folks was occupied with endless conversation. The old folks was either engaging with their group discussion or eating. The new generation were just running around and be childish; like how they supposed to. All I see and heard was happiness, loud voices of uncles and aunties, laughter and positivity.

16 November, 2012

Random Everyday Encounters

It makes me think sometime, how a random everyday encounters can left us smiling ear to ear, spawn moments of deep thought, self-reflection that challenge the status quo or simply twists our emotions and pulling them in several directions at once.
I didn't realized this until today.

13 November, 2012

Homosexual vs. Homophobic

" Being homosexual is not a choice. Being homophobic is. "

A general term that is taboo and almost never been discussed in most Malaysian household. Not by the parents, siblings, relatives, friends or surroundings. My guess? Everyone has that slightest homophobic in every single corpuscle of their bodily system.

A range of negative attitudes or remarks towards the homosexuals. It could be in the form of crimes & violances, body language, hatred statements, discriminations, hostile behavior etc. At most occasion, informal discussion about homosexuality would most probably ended up with homophobic slur, teases etc.